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Going rogue

The Daily Show commented on rumors that Palin was going off message:

Palin debate training

Many were unsure of how Palin would perform at her first national-level debate:

Katie Couric interview

The Daily show poked fun at Palin’s tendency to let her responses to Couric’s questions meander:

Fox News interview

Few expected Fox’s Sean Hannity, a conservative commentator, to ask Palin on any difficult questions:

Trip to UN

Palin’s visit to the U.N. was also her first with any world leaders:

Palin won't blink

In an interview, Palin said that she “didn’t blink” when asked to run alongside John McCain:

Palin is real

Part of Palin’s appeal is that she is a regular, small-town, middle-class American. It’s a characteristic that she tried to get across in her early public appearances:

Vet this

The Daily Show covers Palin’s Republican National Convention speech:

Bristol Palin's choice

The Daily Show comments on the media coverage of Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s pregnant teenage daughter:

McCain announces his VP

Who is Sarah Palin? The Daily Show reported on John McCain’s surprise VP pick:

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