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News for a better world

We provide news related to making our world better. We give greater attention to the biggest
problems and the positive things people are doing to help. Some of the topics we cover are:


Nonprofits play a major role in helping people and communities. We report on voluntarism, philanthropy, nonprofit trends, innovative ideas and government policies that affect nonprofits.


We focus less on domestic politics and more on the key aspects of democracies such as free and fair elections, the rule of law, political freedom, an independent judiciary and a healthy, vibrant press.


Half of all people are living on less than $3,000 a year for all their needs. This affects their health, families, education, shelter and all else. We tell you their stories and the stories of the people and groups helping them.

Human Rights

We bring you stories of people fighting for freedom of speech, assembly and movement, freedom from torture, slavery and arbitrary arrest, and the rights to a fair trial, asylum and personal security.

Science and Tech

We tell you about key advances in health and medicine, new discoveries in science, and emerging changes in technology that improve communication, productivity and quality of life.


Climate change is slated to bring extreme weather, destruction, diseases, crop failures, political turmoil and economic loss. The first step in improving the world is making sure it doesn’t drive off a cliff.

True balance in multiple ways

We give you balanced news by providing both sides of the story. More importantly, we fix the greatest imbalances of the news media by giving you balance in these key areas:

Bad news and
good news

Good News

Other news outlets: think it’s only news if it’s bad. They have mostly bad news with a bit of good news.

DailySource: The news shouldn’t just be depressing. It should also hearten and inspire. Plus, including good news is far more accurate: even when a bad event happens in one place, positive things occur in others. So, we track our ratio of good to bad news, and at least a third of our content at all times is good news.

The richest 20% and
the poorest 80%

Good News

Other news outlets: focus almost entirely on the top 20% of people: those making over $7 per hour.

DailySource: We aim for the most good for the most people. So half of our content is about people in the bottom half: those making under $1.5 an hour. 16 million die yearly because they earn so little. It’s the biggest problem in the world, but the media ignores it because they're not located here. They also have it far worse with human rights, slavery, democracy, infrastructure, clean water and other key things.

Isolated events and
actual trends

Good News

Other news outlets: focus on single occurences with lots of useless minutiae that don’t tell you much, and even give you a false impression.

DailySource: We tell you what’s really happening. For example, in a year in which suicide drops 18%, if you read five stories about individual suicides, you’ll wrongly think it’s on the rise. If instead you read one story saying it’s dropped, you get the right info with 80% less time. The choice is yours: be misinformed with more effort, or be well informed with less effort.

At other sites you mostly get small isolated details and bad news about the richest 20%. With us you get
a great mix of good and bad news, big picture info and small details, and news about all people.

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