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Why We Have Higher Quality News

DailySource has five major advantages over other news organizations that allow our news to be of the highest quality:

1. Over 1,000 publications to choose from

Because we can draw upon over a thousand publications our editors are usually able to select coverage from 10 to 1,000 items written about any given event or topic. By contrast, almost all other publications only have one item to choose from – the one that their typically overworked, underpaid and stressed reporter has rushed to write and submit.  We can choose from everything that has been written on the Internet that day, and can offer readers the best of what we find.

2. Readers and volunteers submit items constantly

There currently exists a phenomenon around the U.S. of people who cull online news publications for worthwhile, high-quality information and then email story links to friends and acquaintances.

These are people who are very interested in dispersing high-quality news and many of them submit items to us daily.  This is in addition to the people who submit an item to us only once a month.  Basically, the public helps us by doing some of the groundwork necessary to finding quality material.  While we still evaluate their submissions to maintain our extremely high standards, the public provides a big head start from these submissions.

3. A database of reporters who are at the top of their field and who specialize in certain topics

As we regularly and closely monitor the news it becomes apparent over time who the best reporters are for education, health-care, foreign policy and other areas. 

Then for example, if a major health-care event breaks (e.g. Congress passes a new law that affects millions), we can immediately go to items written by the top reporters in that field to locate high-quality material.  While we continue to review other items to be sure of quality and accuracy, much time and effort is saved by looking first to the sources we know to be reliable.

If areas that are difficult to verify arise, we can place a greater amount of trust in our known sources rather than in a new reporter or one who has a known history of being average or sub par.

4. Software to help us rate and filter for quality and priority

We have developed software that allows our editors to rate incoming items by quality and priority. Items can only advance past our system’s initial collection stages after their quality has been approved. 

Once the information field has been narrowed, items are sent to a pre-publication bin where efforts are focused on determining the highest quality items from among these pre-vetted items.  This method is similar to running food products through a filter twice to remove impurities.

5. Procedures for choosing only items of the highest quality

These procedures have been carefully considered and our editors are thoroughly versed in implementing them.

These methods are detailed in How We Choose Articles.

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