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Benefits the Site Provides

Presenting the highest quality coverage from dozens of sources

Instead of relying on the stretched resources of one paper, Americans receive high quality articles and information from over a thousand publications including daily papers, television network sites, newsmagazines, journals, blogs and others.

Offering articles that are accurate, balanced and fair, with thoughtful analysis, depth and a broader context

Members of the public receive high quality information, news and analysis helping them to make good decisions on what policies to support, how to spend their money effectively, be more aware of key trends affecting the world, take advantage of spiritual, recreational and cultural opportunities, learn what is occurring with key economic institutions, use health news to their advantage and to spend their leisure time more wisely.  People receive the most informative, most accurate, and most intelligent news experience on the Web.

Avenues for giving and getting involved

The site has excellent features and links which allow people to easily contact members of the media, easily receive information on over 850,000 nonprofits to donate to or to volunteer for, to discuss topics of interest with each other, to contact their elected representatives, and to create virtual shopping carts of news stories they can later download or send to friends.  The site also allows members to establish an endless number of links to other news sources, including their local papers, or sites of their own choosing.

Independent and nonprofit

The aim of DailySource is to make the world a better place. The choice of what news articles to publish is made independent of advertisers or corporate offices.  The site is supported almost entirely by grants from foundations and donations from the public enabling it to focus on what serves the public and not on how advertisers react.

Coverage of news events that is constructive and positive

Even when a situation or story is negative, DailySource looks for articles that in addition to the negative facts, offer varying perspectives, solutions and other useful information to provide people with a choice of how to respond to the event.  The public will also find stories of progress, hope and inspiration on a regular basis so they will see what is getting better in addition to what is getting worse.  Every day on the front page, the Good News section highlights good works that are being done by individuals or groups to improve the world.

Easy to use and visually appealing

The site is easy to use and navigate, plus has high visual appeal. The site’s main pages are free of advertising banners, pop-up ads and other clutter.  In a recent Ford Foundation study, 69 percent of the Internet news users surveyed stated they believe pop-up ads lessened a news site’s credibility, while 60 percent said ads with sound effects hurt a news site’s credibility and 58 percent said the same of ads with video. Younger respondents on average were even more concerned by the presence of such advertisements.

A model and a source for journalists

As a site that adheres to the highest of standards and collects high quality articles from around the Web, DailySource is a model for quality reporting and editing.  The site is also a place where other journalists can source story ideas, breaking news and key trends for writing their own articles.  According to a 2003 study by the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet at George Washington University, 74 percent of political journalists surf the Web for at least an hour each day, with 36.9 percent spending between one to two hours per day and 30.6 percent spending two to three hours a day. The most frequent use of the time spent was reading news coverage, which over half said they do “very often.”


Increasingly, the profession seems overwhelmed by the sheer size of the media, by hidebound habits, by infotainment, by the quest for sensation and gossip, by the imperatives of the stock market or by a pursuit of ever-fragmenting audiences that lead us ever farther from home.... Yet, the surest way for journalism to survive is by emphasizing what makes it unique -- its basic purpose and core standards. Even in a new era, journalism has one responsibility other forms of communication and entertainment [venues] do not: to provide citizens with the information they need to navigate the society.  ...it does imply a commitment to comprehensiveness, to offering certain information about democratic institutions, and to ordering information in some relationship to its significance so that people can use it as a map to travel through the culture.

- From the Project for Excellence in Journalism, an endeavor by journalists to assess the state of journalism and find ways of improving it.

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