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Sarah Palin videos

“I actually think it’s completely fair for the media to vet Sarah Palin, just as they did for John McCain and Barack Obama and everyone else who’s running for office. You’re running for the second highest office in the land, so it’s the right thing to do.”

- McCain National Co-Chair and Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman



Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of video footage of Sarah Palin on the Internet. You’ll find every nationally televised speech and interview she’s given since being selected, her VP debate with Biden, archival footage from her two years as governor that few have seen, and more.

Her debate with Biden totaled nearly 70 million viewers, the most ever for a VP debate and the third largest ever for a debate. Her acceptance speech at the RNC was the second most matched acceptance speech ever, second only to Obama’s. Check out the full videos of those below as well as numerous others that most people don?t even know exist.

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